What is the difference between a group and a site?

Whether it is best for you to use a group or a site to share information on the Commons depends on your communication goals. If you would like to communicate with colleagues who are interested in a certain field, topic, or professional issue, you may want to start or join a group. Groups facilitate interaction between group members, since members can participate in discussions, collaborate on docs, and share files. Participation in groups is limited to the Commons members. You can read more about groups in our ‘Creating a Group’ guide.

While groups offer a great way to connect with members on topics of interest, sites are by default open to the public and allow you to engage with a community beyond the Commons. Sites can be a helpful platform for outreach, crafting a professional presence online, circulating information, reaching a broader audience for your research or project, and posting longer reflections. You can explore this in more detail in our ‘Creating a Site or Blog’ guide.