Controlling Group Notifications

Used sparingly, group e-mail alerts are a great tool. Keep in mind that you probably won’t want to enable them for every group on your site though—that’s a lot of notifications! To get started:

Click on Groups along the left menu of any page in the Commons, then select the My Groups tab.

Safari - - Groups – Humanities Commons - Screen Shot October 21, 2016 at 9:48 PM

There are several things you can do here.  What we want is next to the envelope logo immediately underneath the Leave Group button: the text that says “Daily Digest.” This means that right now you are getting one e-mail digest a day from this group. If you want to change this, you just need to click the change link. A new menu will appear:

Safari - - Groups – Humanities Commons - Screen Shot October 21, 2016 at 10:01 PM

If you choose No email (at the top of the list), you won’t receive any e-mails connected to that particular group. If you choose All email (at the bottom of the list), you’ll receive an e-mail whenever anything happens in the group. The other options allow you to receive e-mails of different types and with more or less frequency. Click the option you want and you’re finished.

It’s important to note that this changes settings for a single group on the Commons, not for every group to which you belong. You can update settings for groups of which you’re already a member, and adjust other settings related to e-mail, on your e-mail settings page. You can also choose a default subscription for groups you might join in the future.

Learn more in our e-mail FAQs.