Adding a New Log-in Method

When you created for your Commons account, you set yourself up to log in with one of four methods: Google, TwitterHumanities Commons ID, MSU Single Sign-On, or Legacy MLA Commons ID. After registration, you can add an additional log-in method. First, go to and hover over your name and avatar at the top right of the screen; when the menu appears, choose Settings, the last option.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 1.35.13 PM

Then, click Link another log-in method. You’ll see an introduction and set of instructions—click Let’s get started! to continue.

You then have the option to use Twitter or Google credentials to log in to the Commons. If you are affiliated with MSU or Legacy MLA Commons, you can also add those login methods here. Signing in with Twitter will allow you to log in with your Twitter username and password. Signing in with Google will let you enter with any Google account username and password, regardless of the e-mail address you used during registration.

adding new login options

If you choose Google, you’ll be prompted to enter your Google username and password (or click on an account if you’re logged in to one currently). You’ll then be asked to approve the connection between the Commons and your Gmail account. To approve it, click Allow at the bottom of the approval screen.

If you choose Twitter, you’ll be asked to enter your Twitter username and password and then click Sign In.

Having trouble with any part of this process? Please contact us.