How do I upload files to a group?

When you join a group, you can post content on the Commons by contributing to the discussion board, creating a new doc, or uploading a file. If you want to upload a file, go to Files in the group menu.

Illustration of group menu

You will see a list of files that have been shared by other colleagues. After clicking Upload a New Document, you can upload your file, give your document a display name, and offer a description. Click Save when you’re finished.

Please note that file size is limited to 2 megabytes, so you may want to use a compression tool (such as Small PDF) if your file exceeds the limit.

Can I edit my comments?

Comments provide a useful record of ongoing conversation on a blog post, forum topic, or other element of Humanities Commons. As a result, the platform values transparency and to emphasize that online discussions and publications are always evolving. Where possible, we encourage you to follow up with a new comment rather than editing existing comments, especially where others may already have responded.

However, we understand that you might wish to fix a typo or make other small revisions to a post or comment. You may edit your comments on forum topics by clicking the “Edit” link above the relevant text. Make the correction you desire and then click the “Submit” button below. The time stamp on your comment will be updated to reflect your modification.

Editing a comment on a blog post requires the site’s admin to edit it on your behalf; contact them directly for help.

How can I join a group?

There are three types of groups on the Commons: public groups, private groups, and hidden groups.

Public groups will appear in the directory of groups, and anyone can join by clicking Join Group on the group’s page. All content in public groups is visible, even to people who aren’t logged in to the site.

Private groups will also appear in the directory of groups, but membership may be restricted in different ways. To request to join a private group, click Request Membership on the group’s page. If the request is approved, you’ll be able to view the group’s content.

Hidden groups won’t appear in the directory of groups, and their content is viewable only by their members. New members must be invited to join by existing group members.