Can I remove something I have uploaded to CORE?

Generally, no (see our Terms of Service). Our goal is to preserve and provide access to work submitted to CORE, and we strongly discourage the withdrawal of items from it. CORE is designed to provide its users with a permanent and accessible record of their scholarship, and assures continued access to that scholarship through its robust archiving features and the minting of DOIs. These DOIs are then indexed by a number of external services, and by minting them, we are assuring a working link to the content to which they refer. If you have published a version of the work elsewhere and wish to point to that version in the Notes field of your CORE deposit, please let us know.

In exceptional cases, we may remove an item at the author’s request. However, although the item itself will be removed, the record of its existence will persist in CORE, along with text explaining why it is not longer available.

How do I delete my account?

If you wish to close your account, please contact us at We will delete all information associated with your account, and if you ever wish to use the social-networking features of the Network again, you will need to resubmit all information associated with your account and reestablish all connections with other Commons members. Please note that, to maintain the continuity and integrity of the discussions, groups, and other interactive features on Humanities Commons, your submissions to those sections will not be removed in connection with the closing of your account.

Some User Content, such as files uploaded to CORE, may not be removed or deleted. This is because we are invested in the preservation of and access to works deposited in our open-access repository; we provide permanent identifiers in the form of DOIs so that work shared in CORE will continue to be discoverable in years to come. 

Please contact us at for assistance.

How do I bookmark things on the Commons?

Want to create shortcuts to certain activity items on the Commons, or bookmark things to read later? Just star them! Go to (here’s a guide to the News Feed Page) or the Activity tab on any group page and star the items you want to save.

Screenshot of News Feed

When you want to view your bookmarked items later, hover over your avatar, then Activity, then click on Favorites.

Illustration of Favorites link

You can also bookmark your bookmarks by saving this URL: Click that, and any time you’re logged in, you’ll be brought straight to your starred bookmarks on the Commons).

How do roles work on a site?

You can manage user roles for your site in the Admin Panel area of your site. Simply click Users in the left-hand column of your Admin area to add users and assign them different roles.

Administrators have access to all the administration features; editors can publish posts, manage their posts, and manage others’ posts; authors can publish and manage their posts; contributors can write and manage but not publish their posts; subscribers can read comments, make comments, and receive newsletters.

You must have at least one administrator, but the remaining roles are not required, and there is no limit on the number of people who can occupy each role.

If you choose to create a group site, you can assign these roles to different members as part of the group or site creation process. See also our detailed guide to managing group roles and memberships.