How do I add external links to a Commons Group description?

If you are the group administrator, you have the ability to add external links within the group description. This can help direct group members to connect on external sites, such as a shared Google Drive, Slack group, or your department’s university site.

Begin by navigating to your group’s page. Then, select Manage.

"Digital Humanities" Group Page. There is a list of tabs, which include things like "Activity," "Discussions," "Events." The last tab says "Manage" and is bolded.

In the Group Description text box, copy and paste this code to add a hyperlink to your external site:

<a href="external URL">Link text</a>

Copy (Ctrl-c) your external link from another site. Not sure where to find your URL if it’s not in the address bar? Here’s how to find it on other popular platforms:

  • Google Drive: Select the “Share” button on your folder, document, slides, etc. and change the settings of “General access” so that your resource is visible/editable to your intended audience.
  • Slack: Your Slack URL is the same as your workspace name, followed by the domain (ex: 
  • Teams: Select the “More options” button (…) and then “Get link to team.”

Replace the text external URL by pasting your link (Ctrl-v) within the quotation marks. 

Replace Link text with what text you want to represent your link in the Group Description.

Group Name and Group Description text boxes. Group Description has the hyperlink code filled out with a Google Drive link.

Once you are finished, your external links should look like this in your Group Description.

About this group: Group for students interested in Digital Humanities. Google Drive (in blue hyperlink text).

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