Can I create a new discussion topic by email?

You can. Create a new topic by sending an email to the address assigned to that group’s discussion forum. To get that email address, visit the group’s discussion forum and click on the “Create New Topic” button . 

Screenshot of "create new topic" text in a group's discussion forum. The box below reads "Did you know you can post new topics to this group from your email client? Find out how!"

Click on the link beside “Did you know you can post new topics to this group from your email client?” Another text box will appear with the email address that you can use to post new topics by email. 

The message must be sent from the email account associated with your Humanities Commons account. The subject of the email will become the title of the discussion topic. 

You can also reply to a discussion forum topic by email if you are subscribed to receive All Email.

Can I reply to a discussion forum topic by email?

Yes! You can post a reply to a discussion forum thread by replying to the email notification, as long as you are subscribed to receive All Email from that group. You can change your email settings on the group page, under Email Options, or from the group directory. For more information, see the guide about group notifications.

When you send the email, your reply will post to the discussion forum.

You can also create a discussion forum topic by email.

How can I change my group e-mail notifications?

When you join a group, you have the option to subscribe to e-mail notifications. In your e-mail settings, you can choose a default subscription for groups you might join in the future.

You can also update settings for groups of which you’re already a member under Your Groups. Select your preferred option:  No E-mail, Weekly Summary E-mail, Daily Digest E-mail, New Topics E-mail, All E-mail. Then, select Save Changes.

screenshot of email settings page


You can also update your notifications for individual groups on the Groups Directory.

Screenshot of groups directory with link to change email setting below "leave group" button.

You also have the option to change your notifications on a group page.

screenshot of group page with link to change email status.

These are covered in more detail in the guide to group notifications.